Darkness Meets Light

These images, taken from my series ‘Darkness Meets Light’, were exhibited as part of ‘Un-Ease’ - an exhibition in Rochester, Kent 2006

From artist's statement

"The night is a strange world where darkness surrounds us, often engulfing us, constantly changing our perceptions and distorting reality. David Alcorn interrogates this world, using the ever shifting and indefinable space between darkness and light to change the commonplace into something else; something quite sinister.”
- A suffocating blackness, broken only by an eerily lit, seemingly unreachable and uncannily desolate suburban landscape... You are alone.


There were no lights in the underground exhibition space, instead visitors were handed diffused torches to navigate and view the work. Dried leaves were spread across the exhibition floor adding a further dimension to the viewing experience.
“Taking place in the gothic 13th Century underground crypt of George Vault’s bar in historic Rochester, Un-Ease features the work of five young photographers currently living and working in Medway. Their works all consider the strange, unnerving and sometimes beautiful tension that unpopulated images create.”


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